Firing on Hansot Shabir Kanuga complainant car

National Safety Day 2021

Sadiq Kanuga brother and complainant in the Shabir murder case had a close shave on Tuesday after bullets fired on his car. He was returning from the court when he was attacked near Panoli railway station.

As per the details on 6th June 2017 Shabir Kanuga was killed after bullets fired on him at Hansot. After his killing the area became tense and extra policemen were deputed to control the situation. Sadiq is the complainant in the case and on Tuesday be was also attacked while he was driving back home after the court proceedings.

Sadiq said he was attacked near Panoli railway station and named Samir Ibrahim Khokhar, Aiyaz Khokhar, Nazim Khokhar, Akhtar Shah and murder accused Pintu. He said the five of them came on Activa and Aiyaz Khokhar fired on his Scorpio. He was lucky and survive the attack.

He further said that the attackers after killed his brother threatened them for taking back the complaint and now they fired on him. The family members of the accused also threatened them in the police station.

As per the sources the attackers after fired on Sadiq Kanuga hijack a car after showed the pistol to the driver. Ankleshwar Taluka police is further investigating the case.


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