Fire inside collector chamber in Vadodara


It was a close shave for many as they run out in time after the chamber of the Vadodara Collector engulfed in thick smoke and fire in the morning on Tuesday.

Vadodara range IG and other officials comes out from their offices after the smoke spread and monitoring the whole situation at downstairs. The fire brigade reached the spot and broke the doors and window panes to release the thick smoke which fills inside the chamber and the visitor’s area.

It was routine work at the Collectors office at Kothi area of Vadodara city which houses Collector office, Vadodara range IGP, SP Vadodara and many important offices like civil defence, RDC, protocol, Chitnis, administrative wing and others. Suddenly thick black comes out from the collector’s chamber and soon everyone comes out from their offices including the IGP whose office is situated just above the Collector office.

Fire Brigade vehicles reached the spot and tried to douse the fire by spraying continuous flow of water. However the fire was such that the thick smoke was filled inside the chamber and inside the visitor’s room which creates problem for the firemen to get inside. The firemen then broke the door and window panes from the ventilator of visitors room from outside to may way for the smoke to release.

After about one hour of continuous efforts the fire brigade team finally succeed to control the fire at the collector’s office. The officials said short circuit to be the reason behind the fire but the extent of the loss will not be accessed later.

The new Collector of Vadodara P. Bharthi took charge on Monday and on Tuesday fire spread and engulfed her chamber in the morning. The fire brigade reach the spot and first doused the fire and then broke the doors and window panes from outside the building to release the thick black smoke. The electricity was also cut off after the fire and the building was also vacated.

“The reason for the fire was short circuit and the Airconditioned unit was come down and the fire engulfed the fridge and also the adjoining room along with the chamber. We reached the spot with fire tenders and first doused the fire and then tried to release the thick smoke formed by the fire inside the chamber. We control the fire fully in one hour time and no casuality was reported in the incident,” said Deepak Gunjal Chief Fire officer Vadodara.



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