The much awaited Fine Arts display starts from Thursday inside the faculty with students displayed their creativity in the forms of their art works.

Right from Sculpture, painting, applied arts, visual arts and others the students from final year display their best creativity till date in front of the people. The jury tried to remove the controversial works from the annual display but there are some which might raise some eyebrows.

The students from various departments put on display popular Friday market to Syria immigrants pain to Vidarbha farmers issues. There are also some controversial paintings on display but the art lovers see it as a part of art. They said it all depends on the vision of the onlooker towards an art. To name one a student from painting department Zarine Shamshed draw the changes in the female body throughout the life and related it with nature.

The paintings on display shows the changes in the female body just like the changes in nature in life. “I work on the female body and show the changes throughout her life. I relate the paintings with nature to show that the female body went through the changes just like in nature,” said Zarine.

The art lovers and the students of the Fine Arts faculty visits the faculty for the annual display. Students praised the art works and stay away from commenting on any controversies. Tanishq Agrawal a students and art lover praised the different art forms on display and on the controversial things she said it’s in the eye of the people who looks the art in which way. But an art lover is always looking the thing as a form of art.

Apart from the controversial ones many students shows different topics through their art. Keval Kahar student from Sculpture department used 800kg marbles to make Bread Butter, Dhosa, Sweets etc. The student said that he made the soft things from the hard stone structure.

Gulab Kapadia from Painting department displays the famous Friday market while Prasann Gogliwar shows the shortage of water inspite of the pumps installed in the areas by the government. Mohammad Aslam from West Bengal and studying in Fine Arts present the immigrants pain in the countries like Syria.

The final year students of the Fine Arts faculty displays around 500 artworks inside the faculty. The art lovers and students praised the art works and its in the eyes of the people about how they look into the art.



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