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File tracking service down at Bharuch Collector office website

File tracking service down at Bharuch Collector office website

Gujarat government designs it's websites on the line of digital India with an aim to ease the work. However lack of maintainance take it's toll on the websites and they went off quite often.

Every collectorate has its own website where transparency is maintained about the people oriented work undertaking by the government. However the same website also has to bear the burnt of non maintainance. The Bharuch collectorate website is down and due to this the file tracking system is also affected. One can check the file status online but when anyone click on the website a message flashed saying the service is down.

When contacted about the file status one offical said all the work is from the head office and district office has no information regarding this. The problem is serious and general public is facing problems as all the work as of now is stuck. The authorities have to think about the problem quickly and start the service soon. I addition they have to make sure to periodically maintain the websites for its smooth running.

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