A woman inmate from Godhra lodged in Vadodara jail painted her kids in best expressive way during a workshop inside the jail. She imagined her kids and expressed it on canvas which is now on display at the popular Sarjan art gallery in Vadodara. About 18 female jail inmates put their heart and soul in their paintings remembering their families and home which they left behind.

The journey was started on August 2011 in the Vadodara Central Jail where 20 jail inmates express their emotions on the canvas and remembering their lives which once they live with their family. The second part of the series this year saw 18 female jail inmates put their heart and soul in the journey of eight days where they paint their emotions and love towards their family on the canvas.

The title ‘The Family : Sweet Home II is the perfect one as one can find the pure emotions behind every painting. Each female inmate shows how much they missed their home, families and kids which they earlier dreamt of before moved in here. Every female inmate paint her imaginations on canvas using beautiful colours to show their true emotions.

For Ajmer based 62 year old Urmila Ankodia who is in her 9th year in the jail said that the feeling is just like when her first child was born. She said when she paints her childhood’s best memory her school on the canvas it was like she is on top of world and extremely happy. Urmila very keenly painted her big school which tells about her mischief which she used to do with her friend. Her teacher used to scold them and in end she used to love them. The peon ringing bell and small Shiv temple is also shown near to her school.

Zenab Afsar Pathan cautiously puts each and every single detail of her home. The HUDA home which she proudly owns gives her ‘Saare Jahan Ke Sukh’ title and painted the building in which her daughter used to prepare for her SSC exams sitting in the gallery. She calls this the best feeling and moment of her life. 47 year old Sujata Suresh from Nasik is happy to hold the brush again which she left long before. She used to painting in school and again relive those moments. Her small home in wild, surrounded by small lake, coconut tree, mountains and birds.

Similar are the stories of 24 years old Radha Pratap Shikari who did her BA second year, Roshan Bhavar, 50 years old Prabha Patidar from MP, Praveen Bano painting her three children and many others who expressed their emotions on canvas beautifully. The painting of them is in display at the Sarjan Art Gallery till 15th April 2017 in Vadodara.