Female employees worried about their families after fire in the incense sticks company in Vadodara


A huge fire broke out at an incense sticks manufacturing company in Makarpura GIDC in Vadodara early this morning. The female employees reached at the spot cried over the incident and said now how will they survive?

Sanjaybhai the owner of a company arrived within minutes after the fire being reported. The company employed about 40 women and they helped in supporting their families. The women arrived at 9 a.m. as per routine at the job and were stunned to see the company burning in front of their eyes. Some of them started crying over tbe the incident.

Amidst the Corona epidemic, the company has provided employment to us and we support our family, said Savitaben, an employee who was devastated by the fire. She is now worried about how can they make their living now after the fire in the company.

Notably it is said that the flames increased over the large quantity of chemicals kept there and used to make incense sticks.


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