Farmhouses gear up for Dhuleti celebrations


Decked up with new concept of festival destination.

Dhuleti the festival of colours is just round the corner and people are already in celebration mood. This year a new concept of festival destination is heating up and people are already booking their spot to celebrate the festival with family and friends.

Vadodara known for its culture and beautiful celebrations is also in the list of hot destination to celebrate Dhuleti. With lavish farm houses in the outskirts the people of the city are eager to play with colours. Many destinations already reharse the sequences before the Dhuleti falls on 21st March Thursday.

One such festival destination Camp Unity on Dabhoi road is buzzing this year for its Dhuleti party. They already make last minute arrangements to make the day memorable for the people. “We develop the place as a new concept on festival destination where the people can enjoy the whole day with music, organic colour, adventure park. The aim is to give families a secure place to enjoy the festival,” said owner Anuj Patel.

Youngsters are also eager to enjoy the festival with their gang of friends. “This is one of the most eagerly awaited festival as we enjoy the day with friends playing with colours and water. However as a youth we have the responsibility to save the environment and hence we decide not to waste water. We play with skin friendly organic colours and try to make our day a memorable one,” said Kinjal Agrawal.


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