National Safety Day 2021

Supplies it to supermarket

A farmer from Gametha village in Padra surprised every one after produce one foot long green Chillies inside his field. The Chillies are in great demand at the local market and also reached to the supermarket.

Ashok Padhiyar with the help of internet sow maximum production giving seeds of chillies inside his family farm of 5 Bighas. He surprised everyone after reap one foot long green chillies from his field and selling it the local market. The chillies are centre of attraction in the area and now reached the Reliance Mall situated in Dabhasa.

Farmer by profession Ashok Padhiyar studies till 10th and having 5 Bighas of land between brothers. The family is not getting enough from it so Padhiyar started working in a insecticide company producing crop medicines. There he learnt about the insecticides and seeds and thought to implement his efforts in his own field rather than work inside the company.

He put all his savings from the job in his farm and decide to sow different type of chillies there. He search the internet for top quality seeds and purchased it online. He then sow the seeds inside two bighas of the land and producing one foot long chillies.

He said the investment for producing chillies is about 1 lakh but he will get two lakhs pure profit from it. One Bigha of land produce 2500 × 20 kg of chillies and he sowed the seeds in two Bighas of land. He sow the seeds on 14th June 2018 and start getting the production in 45 days. For the last three days he is selling the long chillies in the local market and also supplies to the Reliance Mall in Dabhasa.


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