National Safety Day 2021

No casualties reported loss estimated around 1.5 crores

A faraskhana godown near Bhayli village near Vadodara was gutted in fire way morning on Monday. No casualties are reported in the fire but a loss of around 1.5 crores was estimated. Short circuit was said to be the reason of fire.

As per details Nirav Bhai Patel owns a godown near Bhayli village and he was shifting some goods from inside. Suddenly fire spreads inside and all ran outside for safety. They tried to douse the flames by using borewell water but failed as the flames are big.

They informed the fire brigade and with continuous flow of water and foam they managed to control the fire. No casualties reported in the fire but the goods related to faraskhana was gutted estimated to be around 1.5 crores.


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