Gujarat- this state of western India is rich in cultural history, tradition,and heritage. This is definitely one of the vibrant states of India which has its own charm. The natural beauty is unquestionable, but Gujarat is something more than that. It is the land of temples which gets ahuge number of tourists every year. Not only pilgrims but historians, researchers, architectures and lots of other people come to visit these temples of Gujarat often. If you are planning to visit Gujarat this year, knowing about the temples of the state will help you to visit them even more-

  1. Somnath Temple

You must have known about twelve ‘Jyotirlinga’ of Lord Shiva. One of them is in Somnath. This temple is regarded as one of the most beautiful temples in India,and this is a work of art of the ancient age. Lots of myths and stories are related to this temple, like first built by the Moon God. But, what is amazing about the temple is the marvelous architecture. The seven-story Chalukya style architecture will keep you dumbstruck.

  1. Dwarkadhish Temple

If there is Lord Shiva, there will be Lord Krishna. And Gujarat is known as the land of Lord Krishna. Therefore, the Dwarkadhish Temple is situated at Dwarka which was believed to be the territorial kingdom of Lord Krishna. This is one of the most important pilgrimages of ‘Char-Dham’( four pious places in India).

  1. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

This temple is managed by the prosperous Swaminarayan Group. This is another huge temple in Gujarat which is also the epitome of architecture and sculpture. Made of pink sandstone, the temple look glorified when the setting sunbeams fall on it. You should spend an entire day to explore the temple. Not only the temple, but you should also visit the adjacent garden, a waterfall,and the kid’s park.

  1. Nageshwar Temple

This is another ‘Jyotirlinga,’ located at Dwarka. Lord Shiva is in the sitting posture here,and people come to visit this temple from different parts of India to visit this rare sculpture. If you are in Gujarat, you can’t miss this temple.

  1. Bala Hanuman Mandir

This temple of Lord Hanuman is located in the southern part of the Ranmal Lake. This temple has secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Record because of the continuous chanting of ‘Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Ram.’

Basically, Gujarat is the land of temples and shrines. When you are in the state, you can’t miss the amazing building with articulate work of architecture.


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