Famous Kuber Bhandari temple at Chanod opens from Monday


Administration make safety arrangements for devotees and request them to follow guidelines during their visit to temple.

Famous Kuber Bhandari temple near Vadodara opened for the devotees from Monday following the government guidelines. Devotees starts visiting the temple from early morning maintaining the social distancing and other safety parameters. The Kuber Bhandari trust make arrangements inside the temple to maintain social distancing and thermal gun and sanitizer at the entrance.

The Kuber Bhandari temple at Karnali in Dabhoi taluka of Vadodara district was closed for three consecutive months due to the Corona epidemic and lockdown. However after the relaxation in lockdown, temples are slowly opening for the devotees by taking precautionary measures. Famous Kuber Bhandari temple at Chanod is also now open for devotees from Monday.

Devotees reached the gates of temple much before it opened from 8 am. Before that gates of Kuber Bhandari temple could be opened from 8 am, the line of devotees had started from 6 am. Devotees also observed the safety rules of the government by maintain distancing for the darshan of Kuber Dada.

Aarti was performed early morning as per Vedic rituals at Kuber Bhandari temple. Later the temple was opened for the visitors at 8 am. The trust also made necessary safety arrangements for the devotees visiting the temple.

Manager of Kuber Bhandari Trust Rajnibhai Pandya said, a sanitizer tunnel has been arranged near the entrance of the temple through which the devotees have to pass. Later they sanitise their hands and after thermal gun testing they are allowed to enter inside the temple.

He added that the gates of the temple are open for the devotees from 8 am to 12 noon and from 1 pm to 5 pm. The food facility (Bhandara) and dharamshala facility for the devotees inside the temple is currently closed. Other rituals are also closed in view of the safety of people.


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