The famous Garbi Aghor Nagara raas of Rajkot


The festival of Navratri is to worship Goddess Durga and the whole environment is buzzing with the traditional garba. Rajkot is famous for its old traditional garba in chowks kept alive by the mandals till date.

Yuvak Garbi Mandal in Hanuman Madhi Chowk in Rajkot organise Navratri for the last 35 years and the fourth day of the festival is something special.

On 4th day the girls from the mandal perform Bhuvaraas and Aghor Nagara raas which mesmerized everyone present there. In Bhuvaraas the girls dance in between the smoke produced by google dhoop which makes the environment devout and everyone present there don’t miss a chance to witness the raas.

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