Blame them for sending the body down on road without waiting for van


Family members of a woman accused the hospital administration in Vadodara for inhumanity and put blame on them for sending the body on road without waiting for the van (Shav Vahini). The woman was declared dead by the doctors of private hospital in Gotri area of the city.

As per details Asha Solanki 23 from Sangma village in Padra was suffering from cough, cold, fever and breathing problems. She was taken to Rutvij hospital at Gotri road in serious condition where the doctors declared her dead during treatment.

However the family members put allegations on the hospital for inhuman behavior and accused them for placing the body on road while they are arranging for transport. His brother in law Bharat Solanki put allegations on the hospital staff for such behaviour and said the whole family is in shock. 

However Dr. Ashish Shah from the hospital said they send Ashaben down as the family said they arrange a rickshaw to take her to some other hospital. But the auto rickshaw driver denied to take the body and the family accused them for inhuman behavior

Gotri police reached the spot after the problem started to getting worse and took statements from both and control the situation.



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