Gujarat is filled with Cultures that are created with vibrant colors and rich traditions. When the Harappa civilization was still intact, the different religions have merged the different cultures together. It is a blend of different colors, patterns, music, traditions, languages, beliefs,etc. Here we will talk about what creates this culture:

  • Language: The majorly spoken language of Gujarat is Gujarati of course,but with the different regions there are other languages like Surati, Kathiawai, Kutchi,and These are the regional languages and are considered in the list of spoken languages all over the country. 
  • Food: The Gujarati food would remind you “Dhokla,” “Khakhra” or “Phaphra” but it has much more to offer than just these three. The Gujarati people are vegetarian,and a traditional thali would consist of dal, rice, roti, farsan and something sweet. They love their KhichiKadhiand BhakriShak. 
  • Clothing: The clothing style is normally similar to the whole country since whoever is working has to maintain a dress code,but people living in the rural areas or maintaining the old traditions wear different. They prefer chania choli or kedia while some prefer bandis or dhoti-kurta. 
  • Religious Beliefs: There are three main religions throughout Gujarat,i.e., Hinduism, Buddhism,and Jainism. There are some groups that have been converted to Islam,but they cannot be differentiated because of their lifestyle exactly similar to a Gujarati. The people of Gujarat believe strongly in God and also love their Gods immensely. 
  • Lifestyle: Gujarati’s like to live in style and with sophistication. They like to have good architects work on their houses while the interiors are marbled or decorated with tiles. They are also fond of gardens and wider front yards. They believe in embracing the rich traditional and ethnic heritage of the state and duplicate that into their homes. 
  • Working Life: Gujarat is filled with Businessmen and Entrepreneurs. The state leads in terms of Commercial capitals and comes off as the 7th largest textile base in all over India. The airports in Gujarat are known to operate at the highest rate while being compared to the other states.

While Gujarat comes with varieties of food items, it also offers you with some extra space to express and showcase your talents. You can set up your own business base if you try a little harder in this state. The art and culture will keep you in the spirit throughout the time of your stay!


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