Expensive SUV car up in flames in Vadodara


Owner and his friend saved

A car owner and his friend had a close shave after the car they drove suddenly caught fire near BSNL office on Police Bhavan Crossroads in Vadodara. They both ran to safety after noticed thick smoke comes out from the Bonnet of the SUV they were inside.

Mohsin Bhatti residing in Akota Avenue near Taj Hotel is in the business of old car purchasing and selling in the city. On Wednesday he was passing from Police bhavan crossroads along with a friend in his expensive SUV when suddenly they noticed smoke coming out from the bonnet of the vehicle.

They immediately opened the door of the SUV and drove it to the side of the road and rushed out for safety. As soon as they get down from the vehicle it went up in flames and traffic was disrupted in the area.

Meanwhile fire brigade also reached the spot and douse the fire but till then the loss was estimated upto 10 lakhs.