Ahead of budget there are lots of exceptions from the new government in every sector. Employment for the youth, education, focus on MSMEs, control rising prices, medical tourism, start ups and many more. As railway budget is also presented alongside, people need better facilities for them while travelling. Better food, security, more trains and accident free journeys are some of the points of expectations.

As the new government is going to present its first budget on Friday 5th July 2019, there are lots of expectations from people as they vote for better governance. Youth, education,  employment, rising prices, cost of living, affordable houses, better infrastructure, basic amenities are some of the factors that people expect from the government to consider in the budget.

Government is pushing extensively for startups so lots of emphasis will be given to the iniatives with brilliant ideas that has the potential to change the world. Youths need better jobs and expects the government to create more jobs for them. People need stable economy and wants the government to control the rising costs of essential commodities and fuel. In education, admissions under the RTE law, better infrastructure, modern and competitive learning, teaching methods and education for everyone are some of the topics to consider.

Industries need more transparency and relaxation in rules, their works and GST is also one of the matters to be taken in the budget. MSMEs also expect many things from the government like ease of business and many others.


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