Artists are known to be moody and always preferred to do something different which can present their work effectively. Such an exhibition is going on in the Fine Arts Faculty where the artist draws himself to show different topics with an edge. With over 98 of his works on display he presents the current topics as well as the world issues before the audience which appealed to them.

The artist who trained himself is not from the artistic background or any other training decide to comes up with the unique concept to present himself in his cartoons and spread the message. He took up various subjects which we come across everyday along with the international matters. All the works is on digital tablet which the artist draws on it, paint and then digitally print them and exhibit.

“The idea to present myself in the cartoons is to get the response of the people and when I shared it on social media the message spreads more rapidly. I chose the subjects which we came face to face every day through papers, news and even on personal level. I also chose international topics which forced everyone to think. It took me about one year to prepare the frames and displayed in the exhibition. After Baroda the exhibition is shifted to London starting from 11th September,” said Ashok Adepal cartoonist.

Normally the cartoonist draws the cartoons of leaders and personalities to give the message in a humour way. But here Adepal decides to draw himself in the cartoons and spread the message more effectively. He chose the subjects like racism, discrimination, social media, Syria, IPL, Manhole work, Dalit Atrocities, Mann Ki Baat, Srinagar bypolls, political parties, Holy Cow, Dragon vs Lama, JustinBieber in India, Demonetisation, Aadhar, Digital India, No VIP culture and many others. All the frames spread the message in a effective way when you see the content that the cartoonist draw.

The exhibition ends on Tuesday today and from here it will go International and will exhibit in London in the month of September.


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