Thrown out from the party One and half years ago District President

Sanjay Panchal claimed to be General Secretary of BJP OBC Morcha Vadodara Taluka asked for liquor licence in Gujarat by sending a memorandum to the Governor. The incident shocked many as the person claimed to be from the party but the district president said he was thrown out from the BJP one and half years ago.

Residing in Sakarda village falls under Vadodara Taluka Sanjay Panchal claimed to be BJP General Secretary of OBC Morcha wrote a letter to the Governer of Gujarat requesting him to give permission for selling liquor. He give the reason about not getting justice after approaching the police and government system many times.

In his letter he put allegations about not taking any action against the person forcefully take his shop. He demand his shop back and allege that he was kidnapped and his complaint was also not taken.

He also added and demand to waive charges against him and many other things from the government or else give him the licence to sell liquor in Gujarat.