Voters were informed about the voting process through EVM, Information was also given about NOTA

At Sama Mamlatdar’s office in the North Zone of Vadodara city, detailed information was given to the voters about the voting process through EVMs under the guidance of Electoral Officer Niyati Utsav.

Demonstrating the EVM Niyati Utsav, the Returning Officer said that voters in general are familiar with EVMs. However, with the intention of making the newly registered voters aware of the voting process, demonstrations of EVMs are held for ward 1 to 3 voters. Each voter can cast four votes in his / her ward, the only thing left to do is to press the button in front of the mark of the four selected candidates.

Also, if a voter wants to vote for only one, two or three candidates out of all the candidates, in such a situation they have to press the button in front of the candidate’s mark. After pressing this button, they have to press the register button without any mistake. The beep will come after pressing the register button, which is a signal that the voter’s vote has been registered.

Voters will be not be able to vote for any one of the four candidates, especially when using NOTA. That is, the voter who wants to use this option will only have to press the button and register. In addition, an EVM reserve of 10 per cent is maintained in case of any technical error and replace it.


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