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State wide beggar free mega campaign starts from Vadodara

100 days target set to make Vadodara beggars free city

State wide beggar free mega campaign starts from Vadodara

A State wide beggar free campaign starts from Vadodara on Thursday which spreads to all the other metro cities of Gujarat. The aim is to make them empowered through skill based training and working on to make the city beggar free. The target is to make Vadodara a beggar free state in next 100 days.

Minister of State for Women and Child Development Manisha Vakil head a meeting with MP, Mayor, Municipal Commissioner, MLA, Police commissioner, Social welfare department to plan the strategies and work effectively to make the city beggar free in next 100 days. A mega drive starts from Vadodara followed by all metro cities of Gujarat in coming days. The aim is to make them self independent and also get the benefit of government schemes.

"In a step towards beggars free city and state we start a mega drive from Vadodara followed by other metro cities of Gujarat. The aim is to accommodate them at shelter homes and empower them with skill based training. The process of their registration, unique identification will be done and empower them with the help of ITI like technical institutes. During the mega drive the areas will be identified where they are normally found and then taken them to shelter homes with proper counselling," Said Manisha Vakil.

She further added that committee is formed to work on this campaign and help the city and state become beggars free. She said the most challenging part is mental counseling of beggars to stay away from begging at signals and other places and make them understand the benefit of living at shelter homes and become self independent.

Later she visited beggar home in Warasia area and review the facilities given to the beggars. She said, the visit is part of the campaign of beggars free Vadodara and there are about 33 beggars already living there also from outside states. Some of them have mental problems and their rehabilitation and counselling are already going on. A new building is proposed in coming days along with increase in beds. There is a need for personal touch to increase their self confidence.

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