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Art lover from Vadodara gives platform to Kashmiri women artists

Showcase their art in a gallery to support them

Art lover from Vadodara gives platform to Kashmiri women artists

Art lover from Vadodara Dr. Geeta Sheth Bhatt gives a platform to Kashmiri women artists to showcase their art and help them to be financially empowered. The two day exhibition in the city is a first time experiment by Varso Charitable Trust to display the clean hand embroidery of the women artists.

Jewels on the Wall is a labour of love which took a year to turn the concept into reality. Confined to home since last 3 years due to health and covid times, Dr. Gita Sheth Bhatt was trying to find a bright ray of hope in dark times. She has always been fascinated by the excellence of Kashmiri handwork. While talking to some Kashmiri friends they discussed the difficult life of Kashmiri lady artisans , who toil and create beautiful work in the middle of terrorism and turbulent times. Scattered in remote villages of Kashmir, they create exquisite work.

With this in mind as an art lover Dr. Gita decided to make their work spread out everywhere. "There are world famous paintings of great artists whose originals costing in millions , zillions of dollars. We try to transform them into hand embroidered versions and make them available and affordable to art loving people. At the same time giving support to Kashmiri lady artisans. For more than a year, Dr. Gita worked with her Kashmiri contacts and she commissioned 25-30 artworks in Kashmiri handwork. The craftsmanship is inspired by the work of world class artists like Van Gogh, Klimt, Matisse, Raja Ravi Verma, M. F. Hussain. The idea is to give a new concept and their craft can be a world class art, " Said Vishwamohini from Varso.

Barkha Amin, art lover and trustee Bhailal Amin hospital and Alembic group of schools appreciate the effort of Varso to give platform to the women artisans of Kashmir. Most importantly during the covid time when everything suffers, they engage the artists to create such beautiful hand embroidery work.

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