Epic TV is back with new season of its highly popular show ‘Regiment Diaries’


Epic TV is back with new season of its highly popular show ‘Regiment Diaries.’ Regiment Diaries, an Epic Original, is more than a compilation of war stories but a visual tribute to the valiant men and their regiments who continue to honour the dignity of their duty towards the motherland.

Told by the very men from the regiment, the show exhibits inspiring tales that warm the heart, moisten the eye and leaves the audience in greater awe of the brave children of the motherland.

The Indian Army is not just a force that safeguards our borders, it is an emotion that binds the people of the nation. Leading exemplary lives in extreme conditions with courage and discipline, the Indian army is not just soldiers in the field, but a way of life. United in their love for India, it is a family of several regiments ready to lay down their lives at a moment’s notice. Each regiment has its own history, glory, values, and morals that encapsulate the ethos of the Indian Army.

Season one of the TV series took viewers through thirteen army regimental centers where soldiers – both serving, and retired, shared their life experiences from times of peace and war. The new season profiles Jammu Kashmir Light Infantry, Mahar Regiment, Parachute Special Forces, Kumao Regiment, Gurkha Regiment and BEG Regiment (Bengal Engineer Group).

The second season of the show will air every Tuesday from 27th October 2020 at 8 p.m., with a repeat telecast on every Wednesday at 12 p.m.

Talking about the new season, Mansi Darbar, Vice President – Corporate Strategy and Development, IN10 Media Network said, “The Indian Army is an emotion which embodies the essence of modern India. Through ‘Regiment Diaries’ we attempt to pay a tribute to our brave soldiers and showcase untold stories of their courage and valour. The show remains one of our most loved series and we hope that the new season is equally loved and appreciated by the audience.”


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