Garba in Vadodara is something people are waiting for the whole year and revellers this year are eagerly waiting for the tempo to get going. The rains put brakes on the garba and people are waiting for the grounds to get ready. However in such times people found different ways to enjoy the festival with their families and friends.

As rains lashed the city on the second day of Navratri, the big venues cancelled the garba showing their inability to prepare the grounds in time. With rains pouring outside the residents of Earth Icon 2 at Khodiyarnagar crossing decide not to skip the Garba and prepare the decorations inside the basement of the building.

The residents decide not to venture out to other venues and instead decide to play traditional garba at their place. Children their parents everyone enjoy the festival inspite if the showers outside.

“As rain stops briefly we clean up the water and start the Garba at night. There was a risk going outside with children in rains and hence we decide to play garba at our place.
Here children and parents enjoyed the festival and the safety is also there as children the playing garba under watchful eyes of their parents,” said Harshali one of the residents.


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