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Suraj Nambiar and Mouni Roy tie the wedding knot

Mouni Roy married Suraj Nambiar, a Dubai-based entrepreneur, in Goa, and the photographs have gone popular on social media

Suraj Nambiar and Mouni Roy tie the wedding knot

On Thursday, January 27, actor Mouni Roy married Dubai-based entrepreneur Suraj Nambiar in Goa. Fans and friends alike uploaded photos of Mouni dressed as a stunning South Indian bride on the internet. Yesterday, the haldi and mehendi ceremonies took place.

In one photo, Mouni is wearing a crimson and white saree with gold bangles, while Suraj is wearing a kurta and lungi. Suraj Nambiar ties a taali (similar to a mangalsutra) around her neck in another snap, while the couple is showered with flowers. After the rites, the pair shares a close hug in one photo.

"The south Indian bride!" Manmeet Singh captioned images on Instagram. 'Mr and Mrs Nambiar!!' Arjun Bijlani captioned a photo.

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