Creates lots of enthusiasm in people.

Bullet train the dream project of PM Narendra Modi will run in future but the people of Vadodara can enjoy the ride very soon. The engine of the train reached the city on Saturday and creates a lot of enthusiasm among the onlookers.

Surprised! We are talking about the bullet train running inside the popular Kamatibaug garden providing a enjoyment to the people. The engine of the proposed train reached there which make people to gathered at the spot to get the first glimpse.

Presently the visitors enjoy the ride on Joy train and in vacations and festivals people wait for their turn to board it. However in coming days the fully air conditioned Bullet train will be operational for the people inside the garden and is one of the major attractions for the visitors specially children.

Early Saturday morning the engine of the proposed train reached Vadodara creating a sense of enthusiasm for the people. The train will be operational soon inside the garden after some changes on the existing track of the Joy train.


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