Perform their responsibility towards nation

Vadodara vote together for a better governance and went in good numbers to polling booths to cast their votes. From first timers to youngsters everyone enjoy the festival of democracy and perform their fundamental rights.

Rutvi soni and Nishil Patel hitched recently and cast their first vote together. The enthusiastic couple all dressed up went to the booth at Manjalpur and jointly cast their vote for a better future for youngsters like them.

“We are glad to give our 1st vote together as voting is a not only our right but it’s our responsibility towards our nation. I believe if we want to change our nation we have to identify the good leader and contribute our support towards them. We are young minds and have good skills of identification between pros and corns,” said Rutvi Soni.


  1. I am very grateful to cast my vote.. we are future of our nation and we have to select our perfect leader and for that voting is mandatory ☺️🗳 Be a good citizen ✌🏻


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