Muslims in Vadodara find it hard to cremate their loved ones as the burial ground was encroached illegally by the people. The burial grounds under the Waqf board was encroached along with other properties all across the state in absence of the committee in Gujarat. Therefore member of Central Waqf Council visit Vadodara on Thursday to listen to the pleas of the people and try to find out solutions.

Raees Khan Pathan member of Central Waqf Council visit Vadodara on Thursdayon the call from the Gujarat members who complained the worse situation in Gujarat. They complained about a need of state board in Gujarat to look after the pending applications and also the properties under them. They complained about the encroachment on the properties like burial grounds and other issues.Encroachment “There are complaints about some issues regarding properties under Waqf board specially encroachment on burial ground. Due to the illegal encroachment the burial grounds shrink and Muslims find it hard to bury the bodies. There were shopping centers and other things on the properties of the Waqf board. These are some of the problems which comes to us,” said Raees Khan Pathan.

He further said that they are strictly follows the rules and the example is the action against Azam Khan in UP where they demand CBI inquiry. He also said that they will walk on Gandhiji’s way all across India to clear the properties under Waqf board.


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