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Empowerment of Women in Rural India

Empowerment of Women in Rural India

India's majority women population still resides in the rural households. The word women population is stressed upon here to indicate the fact that many men from the rural background migrate in large number to the cities in search of better job opportunities whereas the women are still confined to their households in the rural areas. Due to the patriarchal mindset that is prevailing, it is hard to evacuate women out of their household.

How can one empower women in Rural India?

There are means by which you could empower women in rural India. Few are listed below:

  • Effective Usage of NGO and VO

There are several Voluntary Organizations and Non-governmental organizations that are at the service of the people who reside in the villages. One could take up the Barefoot College at Tilonia, Rajasthan as an example of how the resources in the village are utilized to their fullest. The women are making a lot of money with the ideas and the facilities that are provided by those organizations.

  • By setting up community business societies

There is a huge demand for Indian handicrafts in the global market. The women who reside in the rural areas are gifted with the capacity to make wonders out of their talents and skills. The handcrafted jewelry, sarees are loved by people all over the world. With the help of funds, the women can set up their own businesses within their community and perform better. This would serve as a great source of financial help to their family.

  • Night Schools

The women who reside in the villages have to take care of their family in the day that they cannot actually attend the classes at a school in the day. There are a lot of voluntary organizations that are ready to come forward to teach the women who wish to study. In fact, the only way to better the lives of the women in the villages is to impart good education to them. Education is the means by which you can make the women of the rural household think independently and make wise decisions. This will also give them the confidence

The empowerment of women in rural areas has its own perks as the menace created by urbanization could be prevented to a greater extent if the women are empowered in their own place. Moreover, when you don’t pull the people out of their roots, they tend to produce much greater results.

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