National Safety Day 2021

A UAE-based Indian man’s plea regarding his passport being taken away and kept as a collateral against a bank loan has gone viral on social media, according to a media report.

Jahir Sarkar, in a series of tweet to the Dubai Police, has claimed that he was brought to Dubai by an Egyptian and got his visa stamped for a period of two years.

Sarkar also told the police that his UAE visa had expired more than a year ago and that he was in a grave trouble because of the situation.

Taking consideration of the matter, Dubai Police responded to Sarkar’s plea by reaching out to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the UAE.

The Ministry has asked Sarkar to give them an elaborate explanation about his problem and confirm the fact as to whether his passport has been held by his employer, and that he can raise a complaint in such a case, the paper reported.


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