Employees of a chemical company in Nandesari GIDC agitate against removing them from the job. They resorted to Gandhigiri and agitate in seminude state which shocked the industrial area.

As per the details the management of Kalki Chemical company released around 50 of their employees from the jobs without giving any prior notice to them. Such a behaviour irked the employees and they agitated in seminude state against the company.

They agitate just in front of the company and shouted slogans against the management. Such a Gandhigiri way of agitation shocked the industrial area of Nandesari and everyone is talking about the same.

One of the employee said the Gandhigiri way of agitation is to give a message to the management to restore them again to their jobs. He also put allegations on them for receiving threatening calls from the antisocial elements. However he said their agitation continues till their demands met.

The employees also said to be ready for the legal fight against the company.


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