From March 1, under the corona vaccination campaign, people over 60 years of age have been vaccinated by the administration. In continuation of that 11 senior saints of Atladara BAPS Swaminarayan temple and of the above age group have taken the initiative to get the corona vaccine. They also conveyed the message about vaccine is safe and must be taken.

These saints were led by the elderly saint Dev Swaroop Swami and Rajeshwar Swami. All these saints are still healthy and active in religious activities as before.

Pujya Doctor Swami, who is a leader of the organization, has given a motivational message to all and request everyone to get vaccinated.

Requesting everyone through a video message, he said that the government has made a very comprehensive arrangement for vaccination. We saints have also been vaccinated and everyone should get the vaccine whenever possible.

Before or after getting vaccinated, the best way to protect against the disease is to follow all the rules to prevent Coronavirus.


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