Special arrangements at polling booths for PWD voters

Election commision is taking the initiative of accessible elections to all and based on that special efforts are continuing to involve PWD (Persons with disability) voters in the biggest festival of democracy. Vadodara election commission on Sunday send wheelchairs and tricycles to every election booth in the city to help such voters cast their votes.

Vadodara district election commission on Sunday distributed around 250 wheelchairs and tricycles to the election booths situated in the city. These will help the PWD voters to cast their votes without any hesitation. The commission also make special arrangements for the blind voters to cast their votes.

“This time the election commission take special measures to involve PWD voters in the voting process and distribute wheelchairs and tricycles at the booths for them. Around 450 volunteers will assist such voters inside the booths to cast their votes. For the blind voters we have Braille voters guide, epic cards and ballot papers are inside the booths for their assistance. I appeal all the PWD voters to come forward and vote in big numbers,” said Shalini Agarwal Chief election officer and district collector Vadodara.

She along with cheif observers Navin Raj Sinh and Sharmishtha Maitra visit and check the proceedings at Juvenile home near Jyoti garden in Vadodara.


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