A fire broke out inside house in the city’s Wadi area yesterday after switched on the mosquito racket. The incident creates panic in the area as people rushed to save the elderly couple and their son sustained minor injuries in the blaze. The cause of the fire was found to be gas pipeline leakage.

Recently the city witness cases of gas pipeline leakage led to an increase in fires incidents. Recently, a mysterious fire broke out in a house in Vijayanagar in Warsia area, which was believed to be due to gas. One person was seriously injured and one died in another incident in Gajrawadi area and there was a huge outcry among the people.

Now one more case came to light last night when an old man living in a house at Hanuman Pol in Wadi area of ​​Vadodara started a mosquito racket. Suddenly there was a blast and create panic in the locality. Residents rescued an elderly couple and their son from the blaze. The gas and GEB team rushed to the scene following the incident.

The locals believed that the problem of leakage was due to low gas pressure, which required repairs through a specific process.


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