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Surat girl aced CA Final December 2021 examinations, overjoyed to be among toppers

In the revised system of CA Final December 2021 exams, Radhika Chauthmal Beriwala received 640 out of 800 points

Surat girl aced CA Final December 2021 examinations, overjoyed to be among toppers

Radhika Chauthmal Beriwala of Surat, Gujarat, has ascended to the top of the CA Final December test 2021, continuing a trend that began in May 2021 with Nandini Agrawal of Madhya Pradesh's Morena district. The CA Final and Foundation 2021 results were released by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) on Thursday.

"I was aiming to attempt the CA exams in May 2021 but had to delay due to the pandemic," Beriwala told.

Beriwala, who earned her BCom degree from Surat's SD Jain International College last year, scored 640 out of 800 in the revised CA Final test methodology. "Recently, female toppers have ruled the scoreboard. It is just an indication that girls can do anything if given a chance. Parents' support is the key," she added.

Her father, Chauthmal Beriwala, is a textile entrepreneur, while her mother, Asha Beriwala, is a stay-at-home mom.

When the coronavirus epidemic shut down coaching centres and educational institutions across the country, Beriwala resumed her preparations online. While many people find online learning to be unpleasant, Beriwala found it to be really beneficial.

"Everything moved online but it was an advantage for me. I got more time for self-study," she said.

She also gives some advice for people studying for the exam. "I would advise aspirants to stick to the ICAI study material and not get diverted by multiple resources," she said.

The CA final exam (Old Course) had 32,888 students registered, whereas the new one had 95,213.

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