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Parul University recognised for excellence in providing Outcome Based Education

Ranked 23rd in the A2 Band Category by R World Institutional Ranking

Parul University recognised for excellence in providing Outcome Based Education

Parul University near Vadodara achieved yet another milestone by being ranked as the 23rd Top University for Outcome Based Education delivery nationwide. In addition the university has been placed in the A2 Band category for Institution Academic Excellence amongst other leading Universities nationwide.

Under outcome based education, the ranking authorities evaluate and measure the objectives of an institution with its ability to meet and deliver these objectives through its outcomes. The framework has been specifically designed to weigh and focus on 3 essential parameters which are inclusion and diversity, internship and placements, entrepreneurship and innovation. Through effective evaluation of these three verticals, the best performing institutes are recognised and awarded for their ability to meet the standards of quality which are expected in these categories, through an analysis of teaching methodologies and outcome based models. The WIR's OBE rankings provide institutions with a globally recognised mark of academic credibility and excellence.

The students of the University are groomed in the numerous streams of placements through the career development and training and placement cell, entrepreneurship and innovation through the Entrepreneurship Development Centre, research, and internationalisation. In all these key areas, the University has managed to deliver milestones in education by providing to its students the best possible outcomes upon the completion of their academics. In addition to this, the University's 450 programs have been tailor made to deliver the highest form of student satisfaction in the course of their studies.

Parul University has been extensively focusing on finding the best ways to add value to the students' lives through its state of the art resources along with its league of highly skilled faculties who endeavour to guarantee the students with best possible outcomes. "Our vision is to witness every career dream being fulfilled amongst our students and for decades this has been the driving force behind our dedication and commitment towards shaping and nurturing the students. We will continuously make efforts to provide the most comprehensive outcomes for our students" said the University's Vice President, Dr Parul Patel.

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