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Parul University initiates Vadodara's first-ever Society of Petroleum Engineering student chapter

Parul University has become the first in Vadodara and second in Gujarat to start the student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE).

Parul University initiates Vadodaras first-ever Society of Petroleum Engineering student chapter

Furthering its efforts towards bridging the gap between industrial application and institutional training, city-based Parul University has become the first in Vadodara and second in Gujarat to start the student chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE).

This student chapter was inaugurated by J Tikku, chief general manager of ONGC at the University's campus earlier this month. The Faculty of Engineering's petroleum department has been constantly making efforts towards providing its students with the most enriching exposure to practical learning from their constant association with the experts in this field. On the occasion of this inauguration, Asish Thapliyal, Mani Bansal & Piyush Nene of the SPE India section were in attendance along with a total of 219 petroleum engineering students who participated in this event.

SPE's vision is to advance the oil and gas local area's capacity to fulfill the world's energy needs in a safe, ecologically dependable, and feasible way. From the start as a council inside the American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME) in the mid-1900s, SPE has developed into an autonomous, charitable worldwide society with a total of over 140,600 members in 144 nations. SPE gives unmatched bits of knowledge, shared ability, long-lasting learning, and local area solidarity to fuel the achievement of it's individuals and the fate of the business. SPE oversees key industry assets including OnePetro and PetroWiki, as well as distributing magazines, books, etc. They have in excess of 100 gatherings, studios, and different occasions every year all throughout the globe.

Having a chapter of this renowned organisation at the University's campus will yield for the students great results which will provide them with not only technical based knowledge but also an exposure to endless opportunities in this field. The benefits of this programme include free membership into the SPE, access to any technical paper on the SPE website, the opportunity to present their papers at any SPE conference in the world.

The students of Parul University in the course of their academics in addition to their regular lectures will also be able to attend lectures of SPE distinguished speakers across multiple platforms. Through this new development the students can also gain access to all programmes of SPE India Chapter, attend various programmes of student chapters in India, avail scholarship opportunities offered in different capacities, amongst other additional benefits.

The need to engage students on a more global level has been one of the major drives behind Parul University's educational efforts. This SPE chapter is one amongst such initiatives which is committed towards enhancing the participation of its members in industries which are ever changing and ever growing such as the petroleum industry. "This student chapter will add significant value to our students and their petroleum engineering learning process. SPE maintains a position of great value and significance and the inclusion of our students in this initiative will definitely shape and nurture them towards this path of growth in the industry," said the University's Vice Chancellor, Dr. M.N Patel.

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