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Girl students shine at 9th Convocation, Navrachana University as they get 12 out of 18 gold medals

9th Convocation, Navrachana University

Girl students shine at 9th Convocation, Navrachana University as they get 12 out of 18 gold medals

18 students were awarded Gold Medals, of which 12 are girls at the 9th Convocation of Navrachana University. 650 students from different streams of undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs, were conferred their degrees at the event organized on the campus. The Convocation was held offline but only students and faculty were invited.

Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, delivered the commencement speech. He has successfully straddled the worlds of business and innovation; an accomplished professional with over three decades of experience across three continents; and someone who has put Vadodara on the global automotive map. He has identified 5 points as the keys to success that his own experiences have helped him focus on – the first is HUMILITY, be humble and cultivate mutual respect and trust in the people you are working with.

The second is be a PROBLEM SOLVER, you should always endeavor to be part of the solution not add to the problem. The third is HARD WORK, you must understand that there is no short-cut to success, you have to persevere to get ahead. The fourth is the ability to TAKE RISKS, to understand how to take the initiative with calculated risks as well as intuitive ones. And the fifth is to follow the five Ps – Performance, Presentations, People Skills, Peer Management and Politics/Dynamics.

Amongst the successful students, 4 students were awarded doctoral degrees. While, Dr. Sangeeta Poddar, Dr. Vishwajeet Yadav and Dr. Vaibhavi Gawarikar have done their research studies in Education under School of Liberal Studies and Education, Dr. Nikita Mehta has earned her doctorate in Finance under School of Business and Law.

Out of 650 graduates, 160 specialized in Engineering, 170 in Business and Management Studies, 116 in Sciences, 86 in Architecture and Interior Design, 48 in Education, 26 in Computer Applications, 10 in Law, 16 in Journalism, and 14 in Social Work. While some of them have secured admission for further studies in prestigious institutions abroad as well as in other parts of India, a number of them have been placed in several corporates in Vadodara and other parts of India.

"Last year the convocation was online due to the Covid guidelines and this year as per goverment guidelines we manage to do it offline. The girl students outshine boys after they get 12 out of 18 gold medals in the convocation. Our university believes in gender equality and we are proud to say that girls strength is more as they found the environment as safe and secure," said Tejal Amin Chairperson Navrachana university.Girl students shine at 9th Convocation, Navrachana University as they get 12 out of 18 gold medals

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