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10 best study tips for final exams

Final exams of the year and very important semester-end exams are among the most difficult parts of the school.

10 best study tips for final exams

Final exams of the year and very important semester-end exams are among the most difficult parts of the school. There is such a long way to go, and the most important thing to do is to stay coordinated, and recall as you head into finals.

The stress of giving final exams often leads to study burnouts wherein your mind gets completely blocked and you're unable to study anymore. To cope with this stress, the best way is to make up a plan for studying and follow through. Every student has a different pace for reading and learning, so it's good to explore more about your pace and patterns while studying. Whatever suits you the best, makes the base of your study plan.

There are a lot of websites that help you prepare a plan and also give you reminders so that you can follow through without any hassle. Using such websites can also be helpful while preparing for final exams. Some plans might be expensive but with offers and discounts that are offered online, these plans can be bought under your budget too! For example, gradeup is currently offering instant 20% off on all courses and plans to all it's customers by using gradeup coupons.

If you're looking for tips that will help you ace your final exams, you've come to the right place.

Here are 10 tips to study for finals without any issues:

● Find a peaceful spot for studying- Certain students like the total quiet of a library setting, while others like the incitement of an occupied cafe or starbucks. Some prefer their own room or balconies with wind blowing or sunlight reaching them. It's best to find whatever spot helps you concentrate. Try to find a spot that is peaceful but not so peaceful that it makes you sleepy instead of helping you focus. Go wherever you don't feel distracted by your phone, laptop or netflix per say.

● Take notes during class- During class, you cannot grasp and learn everything at once. It's always better to take notes in a readable and understandable format which will help you understand better when you study later and also save up a lot of your time. You can also make up flashcards for the most important topics so that you don't forget to recall them while studying for your finals.

● Understanding Over Learning- Learning basically implies discovering many ways of recalling what you've previously read and tried to set up in your mind whereas Understanding goes somewhat more profound, and means you can apply new information to different situations and explore it better with different ideas. It's always better to understand a given topic rather than simply read and learn it. Understanding goes deep which means when you recall a particular topic, you'll know what you understood when you read it instead of just recalling what lines you read and learnt. School tests usually test your understanding of a concept, and not learning!

● Get a Tutor- if there's a subject that is giving you stress and nothing good is coming out of studying that particular subject, it's better to get a skilled tutor for the same. Tutors help you understand better and solve your queries right away which will help you get a better hold on the subject and remove the stress part of it. It can be a paid tutor or even a friend or fellow classmate that you think can help you understand better and learn better.

● Concentrate and Focus- the one thing that's necessary while preparing for final exams is focus. Staying focused and being able to concentrate on studies rather than being distracted by the things around you is the key to acing any exam. Do whatever is needed to make you concentrate on studying, like put up noise cancellation headphones or turn off your phone and screens etc.

● Take short breaks- you cannot put your mind into studying all the time. Breaks are necessary to give you a good energy release and help you stay focused even more. Allow your mind and body an opportunity to revive and refresh so you can move forward in learning with energy and concentration. Take up short 10-20 minute breaks, stand up, stretch your legs, eat or drink something and get some natural air prior to returning to the books!

● Get good sleep a night before the exam- students often tend to study the whole night before, till the time comes for the exam. This is a big no! You need to get good sleep before giving an exam because a tired mind cannot function properly with the stress that comes on the day of giving a final exam. A good night's sleep will help your brain refresh and recall things easily when you're sitting in the exam hall thinking about the answers.

● Revise what you've studied- reading, learning or understanding one time and then not revising it even once before the exam is not a good option. It's always better to revise what you've previously learnt, read or understood a day or two before the exam day. Revising helps you recall better and if you feel even a slight confidence pull about a particular topic or subject, you can learn it again to make sure you've missed nothing before the exam.

● Take practice tests- when you're done with the preparation, take practice tests. Practice tests help you review your learning performance and also help build confidence. If you ace your practice tests, you feel more confident before the exam and start the final exam with nothing but positive thoughts and energy.

● Reward yourself after completing the targets- whatever targets you've set for studying or whatever milestones you planned to achieve, reward yourself after completing them. Studying for finals is hard work and hard work always pays off. Treat yourself to breaks and little treats to make a big difference for you. Tasty and healthy bites, decent walks outside, or even watching a TV show are acceptable ways of keeping you refreshed and motivated!


The study tips mentioned above can be your go to when you're preparing for your final exams. Now, there are multiple web portals which helps you in studying for your exams and guide you through it, like Gradeup. You can avail gradeup subscriptions plans and prepare for any exam. Knowing your own compelling ways and strategies for studying is critical to achieving good grades in your school or university. Finding out whatever ways and plans work best for you will give you good results and save your time as well as energy. So don't let your hard work go to waste and use these tips to your advantage!

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