Collaborate with Earth Day Network and citizens to engage in saving environment

Baroda Strickers a environmental group of Vadodara in collaboration with Earth Day Network has organised 2 days activity to commemorate Earth Day falls on 22nd of April. The team is approaching various areas of the city and communicating with citizens to get engaged and actively involved in the movement of saving Environment.

Members of the team ask people to take pledge on this Earth Day to save water, planting more trees, being energy-efficient and reducing single use plastic consumption.

Baroda Strickers has already received around 500 pledge signatures from the citizens and are trying to reach as many people by end of the earth day.

With the support of Earth day Network, Baroda Strickers has organised a small competition for people to participate and share their unique ideas about how they are going to celebrate the earth day this year. People have to share their pictures and ideas on their official email-id by the evening of 23rdApril. The winner will be announced on the official Facebook page of Baroda Strickers.


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