Dry run of vaccination organized at SSG hospital in Vadodara


The exercise is to check pre-preparation for covid vaccination in Vadodara

A dry run which can be considered as mock exercise has been organized by the Vadodara district health system on Tuesday at 5 places in the district under the guidance of the district collector. This run is as part of pre-preparation of real covid vaccination and checking the readiness of the vaccination system as per the prescribed protocol.

Vaccination will be carried out in coordination with government and private medical institutes, in which case experimental dummy vaccination under dry run is practiced in both the institutes and a clear understanding of the duties and roles of various health workers will be given through this exercise. The entire planning has been done following the protocol prescribed by the Government of India.

The dry run organised at the SSG hospital to check the preparedness of the teams during the vaccination drive. Organised by the VMC health department around 25 beneficiaries took part in the dry run to give a clear picture of the readiness and perfect the loopholes.

First the beneficiaries have to sit at the waiting room following the social distancing rules. Then after the registration is done to collect and save the data and allowed to enter inside the vaccination room.

After the vaccine the beneficiaries are referred to the observation room where they have to stay for 30 minutes. The expert team of doctors checked any complications in them after the vaccination and later allowed to go home.

This mock exercise is to generate the names of beneficiaries eligible for vaccination at each vaccination center, verify their identities, register them by the staff, place them in the waiting room, conduct the vaccination and keep the vaccinator under supervision for 30 minutes at each vaccination center based on the Cowin Covin software application database. An exercise will be performed in the room.

The whole process is intended to provide a kind of accurate practical training to those involved in vaccination, creating an environment similar to actual vaccination.


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