Vadodara Marathon brand ambassador Dr. Bhagwati Oza received National Award for older persons by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee. She received the award in sports and adventure category and was the only one from Gujarat to recieve the award on 1st October celebrated as older person day.


Bhagwati Oza is known of her fitness and at the age of 80 she still take part in competitions like cycling and swimming. A gynecologist by profession she started to take part in sports from the age of 65 when most of the persons of her age are suffering from various medical complications. After 15 years at the age of 80 she still take part in events and such is her dedication that she get nearly 80 medals at state and national level.


At the age of 65 she also took part in the Mission Sadbhavna during Kargil war along with the Indian Army. Talkng about other achievements in years she worked with Saint Mother Terresa for rehabilitation work of Macchudam calamity, mountaineering training under Tenzing Norbay, got private pilot licence after joined Gujarat Flying club and registered nearly 150 hours of flying.


In appreciation with all these achievements she was awarded the National prize for older persons in the sports and adventure category. She recieve a momento, citation and 2.5 lakhs cash. The award is considered to be equivalent as Padmashree award.

“Its a proud moment for me as being a lady i am able to prove myself. I always spread the message of healthy and happy living among women and finally my efforts are take into notice at national level. I always feel that to live a healthy life at my age there are factors like balanced diet and regular exercise and others. But most important is to do what you feel from Inside without bother about others,” said a jubilant Oza.

Neon Run

The Vadodara Marathon is also going to organise the second leg of Queens Neon Run on 27th November 2016. The run will be flag off by Maharani Radhikaraje Gaekwad and the organises are expecting nearly 5000 registrations for the run.

The only women fun run is to spread awareness about breast cancer and the participants will wear neon colour Pink T shirts for the run. The run will be at the Sama area of Vadodara city and its a 5 KMS run with three categories of Princess, Queen and Empress. After the run there will be a after run where the whole family can enjoy and celebrate the occasion.


  1. Congratulations to Dr. Bhagwati Oza and a big salute to her and wish her a happy and healthy life ahead.
    God Bless her