Doctors in Vadodara took out rally in protest against NMC Bill


Doctors in Vadodara took out a rally against National Medical Commission Bill 2017 and gave a memorandum to the collector protest against the government decision. They said the bill affect the field as the government ruling body will take the decision and people from non medical field enter inside.

The central government is planning to introduce NMC Bill 2017 but the doctors and medical students are protesting against it. On Monday they called for a one day strike and doctors of government hospital kept themselves away from their duties. In Vadodara the doctors and students took out a rally from SSG to collector office and gave a memorandum to the collector protesting against the bill.

They said the bill will give open hand to the government to make decisions which till date is taken by the body elected by people from the field. Secondly there is a possibility that non medical people might enter the body and take decisions. They also said that with this bill there is a provision of Ayurvedic doctors can give Alopathy treatment. With many other additional things the doctors protest against the NMC bill and demand not to introduce it.



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