Continues to treat, heal and spread hopes in patients everyday

Coronavirus pandemic has caused a large scale of devastation worldwide corona and the second wave have scattered many families. Everyday the cases are increasing at scary pace and administration as well as hospital staff are taking every care of patients to heal them quickly.

Parul hospital near Vadodara is taking one step ahead to heal their patients. The staff is using the music and dance therapy along with other treatment to heal the patients undergoing treatment at at the hospital. The patients also joined in the applause and trying to forget the situation through positive energy.

Corona’s second wave create a lots of devastation and the deaths has reached its climax. Vadodara also witness deaths everyday and the fear of corona also take its toll on people admitted in hospitals. In order to increase their self confidence and willpower Parul Hospital has taken a new initiative to heal them.

Music therapy is being used by the hospital staff to increase the confidence in patients and create a environment of positivity. A video of the same gone viral where the staff and patients join together to sing, dance and increase their self confidence.

In this video, the hospital staff walks into the corona patients ward wearing a PPE kit and try to entertain them by playing bollywood songs. The staff were joined by patients as they shake legs and enjoy to the tunes of famous Hindi film song Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga Dekha Jayega. With smile on their faces they all are trying to forget their pain and get some positivity in their minds.

It may be mentioned here that various programs including music therapy are being organized by the staff of the hospital to increase the will power and relieve the anxiety of the corona patients undergoing treatment in various hospitals. The video of music therapy adopted in the corona ward of Parul Hospital has been welcomed by the people.


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