Diwali the festival of lights is always celebrated with lots of joy and happiness, but in view of pollution many people take the initiatives to celebrate it in different and unique ways. Jayesh Shah a property consultant celebrate the festival in a unique way with monkeys, pigeons and peacocks inside the Palace on Sunday.


Jayesh has a routine to interact with the animals and birds and feed them with bananas and biscuits on every Sunday. As Diwali fell on Sunday this year he decided to celebrate the festival with his friends for years. He went to the palace as per his routine and invited many other friends to celebrate Diwali with the animals.


Like Shah the people specially little kids were excited to give bananas and biscuits to the monkeys inside the Laxmi Vilas Palace ground next to Motibaug cricket ground. The monkeys were also willingly take the fruits and biscuits from the guests coming to celebrate the festival with them.


“For the last ten years I am doing this and feed monkeys, pigeons and peacocks every Sunday. This year the idea came to my mind to celebrate Diwali with my friends and hence invited the people to join me. As today is also Sunday I came with nuts, rice, Jawar, wheat, Bananas and biscuits for the monkeys and birds. We distribute 10kg sweets, 100 kg Bananas and 1 carton biscuits and celebrate the festival,” said Shah.


So how the idea came to his mind to feed the animals and celebrate the festival with them, Shah said he always believe in non cruelty to animals and that gave him the idea. “I am a Jain and a firm believer in non cruelty towards animals. Every year I saw bursting crackers caused problems for animals which cannot speak or express their pain to us. So I decide to feed them every Sunday and continue my routine for the last 10 years. This year I decide to celebrate Diwali with the nature and happy to give the happiness to the animals,” said Shah.