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Divyangs walk on ramp showcasing designer outfits

Divyangs walk on ramp showcasing designer outfits

You often see beautiful models walking on ramp showcasing designers outfits at fashion shows. To give this concept a unique twist Vyom organisation is Vadodara organised a show where divyangs walk on the ramp just like professionals.

Vyom organised the unique fashion show in the city at a private party plot where about 40 Divyangs hit the ramp to showcase various designs. It's not a mere programme ocassionally organise for the divyangs but a professional style fashion show.'

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The costumes they wear are designed by professional designers and they also accompanying them on the ramp. Special music was composed by professional DJ for the Divyangs who walk the ramp forgetting their physical inability. Patriotic songs were also included in the music to boost the confidence of the Divyangs.

The idea is to give a message to the others to turn the disability into strength. A good strength of people also present there to cheer the divyangs walking the ramp with a big smile.

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