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    Divyang couple in Vadodara designed their home as per their convenience

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    When you have the guts than all the odds against you are eased. Divyang Shah couple in Vadodara set an example for people like them as they designed their home according to their needs.

    Right from the furniture, kitchen cabinet and bathroom accessories they set all the things in their reach. Moreover the couple is soon going to install a lift inside their home for themselves and for their friends who specially come to their house to celebrate Uttarayan festival.


    A class 1 Administrative officer in LIC Rajendra Shah married to Bharti Shah a social worker through arrange marriage and now they have a 14 year old daughter. After moving to the Hira nagar society where they lived the couple found tough times to adjust and decided to extend the house.


    “We decided to construct 1st floor but the builder suggest us to demolish the house and redesign it as per our convenience. We demolished the whole house and built it again with new furniture and all the accessories which we can use comfortably,” said Shah.


    After the reconstruction of their house the Shah couple made special furniture low in height which they can use easily. Right from the main hall, kitchen and bedroom the furniture is designed just like that.


    “We get inspired by a Patel couple in Vadodara who done such things in their house. We designed the sofa, furniture and kitchen cabinet low in height where we can reach easily. The bedroom furniture is also the same as we designed the bed low in height. The other furniture like the Tipoi, the mirror and all other are in low height where we can reach easily. In the bathroom also the wash basin, taps all are installed in low height,” said Shah.


    Not only the furniture and bathroom accessories the Shah couple also installed the electric switches in their reach to operate easily. As they are Divyang and have to move to first floor by steps, they decide to install a lift Inside their home for them and for their friends.


    “We both use stairs to reach to our bedroom and that’s very tough for us. Even on Uttarayan our friends also find it tough to reach to the terrace to enjoy flying kites. So we decided to install a lift inside our house to solve both the purpose. While reconstruction I already left a space for the lift and planning to install it after Diwali. With the lift it will become easy for us and our friends to move from one floor to another and up-to the terrace,” said Shah.


    Rajendra Shah was 1 year old when he was struck by polio but the support from his family makes him to move forward in life. Rajendra Shah have studied B.com, L.L.B., DLP and Fello (Insurance of India) in Mumbai. He started as an assistant in LIC and now a class 1 officer in it. He had also done diploma in Vocal from Vadodara Music College and also sing songs of famous singer Mukesh in the orchestra programmes.


    His wife Bharti Shah was also stuck by polio when she was 1 year old and also lost her parents at a very young age. Her two elder sisters played with her and try to make her happy. With the help of her sisters she completed 10th and then started to live her life. After marriage she involves herself in social activities and also sell spices and run cooking class from her home.

    Both of them are on cloud nine when their daughter Pushti was born and the couple find the world around her. Pushti is now 13 years old and the Shah couple is busy to raise her and also to spread the message about live life happily.



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