Vehicles worth over Rs 1 crore, machines and materials seized

On Friday, the district Department of Mines and Minerals conducted a random night check as part of vigilance to prevent mineral theft.

Meanwhile, 3 vehicles on the road from Palej to Nareshwar were seized for unauthorized transport of plain clay minerals and overloading. Approximately Rs. 30 lakhs items has been seized in the incident. During investigation the vehicles and the quantity belonged to Jayesh Patanwadia, Shubham Enterprise of Ankleshwar and Kishorebhai of Surat.

Similarly, an unauthorized excavation of plain clay was seized from the border area of ​​Intola village and a Hitachi machine and two trucks loaded with plain clay were seized. The cost of this case is approximately Rs. 80 lakhs.

According to geologist Nirav Barot, the machinery is being used for unauthorized mining and transportation by Siddheshwari Infrastructure. The organization is a subcontractor of the L&T company. Legal action has been taken against the culprits in this matter.


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