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District library in Vadodara will be updated and smart after allocation of special grant by CM Vijay Rupani

District library in Vadodara will be updated and smart after allocation of special grant by CM Vijay Rupani

About 10 thousand members of the library will get the benefit of advanced facilities

The Central Library of Vadodara has the status of a state library and is well known for its vision of gifting the people of the state of Maharaja Sayajirao with a state-of-the-art library system at that time. But very few people know that a district library is functioning in Vadodara to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of the people.

The district library is presently functioning in a building of Vadodara Municipal Corporation in Gotri area. State Librarian J.K. Chaudhary said that the district library, which has about 10,000 members, has more than 28,000 books covering various topics.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced a special grant of Rs 1 crore each to make the 5 district libraries of the state up-to-date and smart. With the inclusion of Vadodara District Library, the city will now get the gift of a smart library.

Chaudhary said that at present this is a traditional library and with the help of this grant, it will be possible to make it a high tech and smart library which will provide advanced library facilities to the members.

It may be mentioned that the Sayaji era Central Library in Vadodara has about 3 lakh books which contain many rare texts. It has about 37 thousand members.

This special grant of Rs. 1 crore has been given by the Chief Minister to turn the district library into an up-to-date, smart library. With its help, the district library can be equipped with advanced facilities like CCTV, WiFi network, audio visual system. With the help of this grant the refreshment zone in the library, R.O. Plant, advanced furniture, new books and reading materials, reference texts can be added.

As far as the model central library near Mandvi is concerned, a state-of-the-art student study room has been set up at an estimated cost of Rs. 2 crore and will be operational in the near future.

Currently the reference section of the library has a limited reading room facility. The new facility will have separate sections for boys and girls and will be a boon for students preparing for competitive exams as well as for students preparing for academic exams. Approximately 300 students will be able to take advantage of it and the reading room is expected to continue from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Thus, as a result of the educational policy of the state government, Vadodara will get the facilities of smart library and student study room.

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