The happiness on the face of Annapurna a 13 year old girl coming from Savli was clearly seen as she came here in Vadodara to collect her kit.


7th standard girl, after receiving the kit jubilantly said that now she don’t have to depend on others for help. Like Annapurna many people coming from different cities all across Gujarat are happy to get the kits which are costly if they purchase outside.


For the Divyangs the administration had put up various stalls to distribute the kits. The administration divided the aids per stalls and the beneficiaries are getting the aids after producing the receipts at the counter. There are total 22 stalls put outside the main pandal where the beneficiaries are getting the aids.


Stalls 3 to 9 the TLM kits for Mentally challenged, 10 to 12 for walking aids (Rollator, crutches,walking sticks), 13 to 15 for hearing aids, 16 to 21 for Artificial limbs and callipers and 22 to 24 for the visually challenged (Braile cane, slate, kit, smart phone, Daisy player, Smart cane) are put there for the people.


“For Mental illness we have 1561 kits against 1338 beneficiaries, for hearing aids we have 2461 kits against 1230 beneficiaries, for artificial limbs and callipers we have 1974 kits against 1874 beneficiaries and for visual aids we have 1873 kits against 1450 beneficiaries who have registered with us. In short we have enough stock for the people here and we also make arrangements for those who failed to register earlier. We make pre registration counters at the entry and later we give them the kits after the programme,” said Dr. P.R. Darji Liasioning officer.


Interesting gadgets in the programme-

In the stall from 22 to 24 many interesting gadgets for the visually impaired people are worth a watch for.


Flextalk Digi Player is a device for the visually impaired who can use the device for their advantage. They can download book in PDF and word format to listen it in English and Hindi language. The device also can be use for recording, audio and page jump functions which the user can use later. The device support SD card and three power options for the user.

Secondly Smart cane for the blind people which can alert the user about the obstructions on the way. The sensor based Cane can alert the user before three meters so that he or she can take precautions. Earlier the stick alert the user when it touched the obstructions.


A smart phone for the visually handicapped is yet another product distributed here at the programme. The android based mobile have two functions for the visually impaired people. First is screen reader for the total blind and the second application a Screen Magnifier for the low vision.


Other then this learning and teaching aids for the mentally challenged, Artificial limbs and Ortho components for the physically challenged and other kits were distributed to the beneficiaries through the stalls put up outside the main arena.