Distribution of bird houses and water pots on death anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj


Severe heat conditions is starting and everyone are trying to find different ways to cool themselves. In such conditions the most affected are the birds who tries to find water sources for their thirst and homes to save themselves from the heat wave.

Like every year Shree Jogni Mata Charitable Trust on Tuesday distribute bird houses and water pots free of cost to the people of Vadodara. The idea is to sensitise people about taking care of the birds in such severe heat conditions as they are the most affected.

During this time the birds always search for water resources to end their thirst and also for food. Trust guiding force Margiya Smit Maharaj said the birds died due to not availability of water and food in this severe heat conditions.

The Shastras said the service to the birds is supreme and hence in the death anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the trust distribute water pots and bird houses free of cost to the people.

For such a noble cause the Gujarat Assembly leader Rajendra Trivedi, MLA Seema Mohile and many others joined the programme and distributed the items to the people.



  1. Jay mataji..Jitesh parekh from miyagam-karjan Dist Vadodara

    Aapna trust dwara vitran karvama avata bird-house ane water pot na news vanchi khub anand thayo..hu pan aa kaamgiri chhar varsh thi karu chhu..mane tamaro support joiye chhe…hu hamna financialy weak chhu…etle aa kaam kari shakto nathi.. jo saaheb possible hoy to mane thoda water pot ane bird house aapi shakta hov to…hu pan vitran kari shaku….

    Jitesh Parekh
    Miygam-Karjan- mo.no. 9662151151 , 8401924197


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